Every project is unique, so it’s difficult to have a fit-for-all process. However, below you see the starting point for every new project. During the initial briefing we’ll determine what steps of the process are needed.


First, we need to align on the goals of the project. You don’t need a video, you need results. And the video will help you get there. From there we work on the concept, create a clear script and start planning the production.

Estimated time: 1-3 weeks

  • Briefing: What is the purpose/goal of this campaign?
  • Alignment meeting: making sure we understand the scope of the project
  • Concept proposal: Direction of the project proposal + quote
  • Concept finalization meeting: Agree on a direction and start making plans/to do’s. Align responsibilities and tasks.
  • Briefing + script: A complete document is created with a summary of the project, and the script(s). Sent back and forth for feedback.
  • Final briefing meeting: Go through the script and finalize the details. Align on expectations, responsibilities and tasks.


The actual production consists of a location check, planning and the actual shoot.

Travel: By car withing 600km. When distance is over 150km from Ede, NL, we advice to book a hotel near the shoot location.

Estimated time: Depending on project. 1-5 days.

  • Location check: We need to have a good understanding of the location. This can be based on photos, but it’s best to visit the location before the shoot. When the location is abroad, we prefer to visit one or two days before the actual shoot.
  • Planning the day: We create a detailed planning on what we shoot, where and when.
  • Shoot: Now the magic begins!


All the ingrediënts have been collected, and now it is time to prepare the cake. During post production we produce the various assets and keep you closely involved.

Estimated time: 1-3 weeks

  • Unloading all footage: Creating back-ups, storing the data.
  • Sharing low-quality footage for review: This way you know what has been said during interviews and what shots we have.
  • Photography delivered: When photography is part of the job, we deliver this first. This way, you can start creating other assets such as articles.
  • First version of main video: First version is delivered usually within a week. We align deadlines upfront.
  • Second version of main video + other assets: After feedback on V1 a second version is created. Now, also additional videos are delivered for feedback when these are needed.


All files are delivered through a secure link. Beforehand we agree on formats, resolution, bitrates, framerates etc. We can also suggest the right format for the purpose of the files. When the videos are used in different channels, we can deliver in multiple formats so you will always have optimal files for the job.

Estimated time: 1 day

  • Main video
  • Additional videos (Promo’s, social media versions, detail videos etc)
  • Editable footage: Colorgraded footage in high resolution/bitrate that is suitable for editing in future projects.
  • License document for music