The majority of projects will require a tailor-made approach. Here’s an overview of a selection of our services and their prices to give an indication of possible cost.


StMedia can help you with preproduction. Based on your situation we can help setting up an effective campaign, create a concept and write scripts. However, if you have these capabilities in-house a complete briefing will suffice as well.

Initial debrief/proposal/planning: Free
Idea generation: €300 (half day) | €500 (day)
Script writing: €300 (half day) | €500 (day)
Asset arrangements*: €300 (half day) | €500 (day)

*booking actors, locations, make-up artist


Prices are based on hourly rates, and keeping additional effort/preparations in mind.

Travel: Rule of thumb, within 150km of Ede, NL, I can travel by car on the shooting date. Over 150km I suggest travel a day ahead and make use of a hotel.

Assistant: Travels with me. So no additional cost per km. Tickets/hotels will be covered of course. We can share a room.

Shooting day: €500 (half day) | €800 (day)
Editing day: €400 (half day) | €600 (day)
Asset creation (Visuals/animations): 100/hour
Travel: €0.30/km or €250 (day)
Assistant: €450 (+ non-car travel and hotels)


We structured our prices based on time and hardware. This way, you will never pay for equipment we don’t need for your production. But we can offer certain effects either from in-house equipment or additional rentals.

Camera + lenses + light: €400 (day)
Audio (ambient and/or interview mic): €100 (day)
Drone shots: €100 (day)
Action camera (Gopro/360): €50 (day)
Stabilizers/sliders: €200 (day)
Special equipment: Rental price, no additional fee