What is Sharepoint?

A very basic question. What ís Sharepoint? Is it a website-, or intranet CMS? Or is it a simple tool … ? I think there are many applications for Sharepoint, but what it really is isn’t any of these.

Sharepoint uses hierarchies, file cabinets and lists. All kinds of digital content can be stored in Sharepoint in a structured way. So yes it’s really a content management system to store and organize. And it’s pretty good at that. 

Sharepoint solutions are like organisms


There are many different kinds of skeletons in the world. When you are a God and you create a new species, you can start by defining the skeleton. Will it be big? Or small? What organs does it need? Based on that, you define the skeleton, and thus the structure of your Sharepoint solution. You can add folders, create a hierarchy, create special lists for certain items or special folders for certain documents.


Then, you will add all the content. You can add a heart, a liver, brains and more content to your animal. Now the structure (skeleton) is filled with all the content your project needs. Does it need to run fast? Add some extra muscles. Does your project need more client interaction? You can add a chat module.

Now you have a skeleton with all the organs it needs, and your project with the Sharepoint structure and all the content it needs.


To make your organism presentable and functional, a skin is needed. Within Sharepoint you can create templates and pages which show your content in a desired way. Just like the skin of an organism, you can choose how your project looks. Is it a shiney website where the user sees content, but nothing of the admin-tools? Or is it a social collaboration platform where the user can add and modify content? Or something in between? 

So what is Sharepoint?

Sharepoint is a management system in which a user can create structure and store content.

It’s up to your development team to decide how this content is presented to the user. Either as a website, intranet or a tool/app which loads the data stored in Sharepoint to function.

A new stmedia.nl

For all my life I’ve been intrigued by the digital landscape, and exploring. In both the physical world as the digital world, there is lots to see. Just like when you travel abroad, you can learn from all digital fields, and combine them.

So far, I jumped into the worlds of web development, 3D modeling, animation and rendering, photography, videography, music and web content management. I’ve been working as a web Contentmanager for the last four years, and found this world very exciting. Actually more exciting than I ever expected.

I started working at a company where we had to manage the content of about six websites. We used three different CMS’s which were all as old as the Flinstones. Quite old and thus time for change.


The company chose to migrate all websites to Sharepoint. This brought along a lot of very interesting challenges on many aspects. From a technical point of view, it was all new. But also content-wise. Instead of creating and managing some pages a week, we had to go through all the current content, re-order it, rewrite it and publish it in a brand new CMS we didn’t know yet. For the first website we migrated, I supported the people responsible in my team.

From there on, I started working in Sharepoint and quickly adapted to it’s workflow. I was assigned responsible for various other websites we migrated to Sharepoint and I really liked the challenge. I got most fun out of it by handling the data with extreme efficiëncy. The better you know Sharepoint, the better you can combine processes and functionalities. And especially this makes you create workflows which enables you to work faster than ever.

This is what I liked most about my last four years, and this is what I will be writing about on this blog. 

From a digital explorer, to a Sharepoint content-expert. 


Doing some 3D work.

Since I did SO MUCH photography stuff, I thought I’d do some 3D work too. Just to balance it out a bit….



One of the things that has always been on my to-do-list is to get into Illustrator. When I had to get something done with it, I figured how to do it and did it, but now I want to go further.

So I’m currently downloading a lot of video tutorials and am installing Illustrator… which is quite an obvious step.

Also I’m still looking for a job. I see lot’s of positions where I would fit in perfectly but quite often they’re gone yet. Thanks financial crisis, great job!


Almost done with my course, getting a job now.

It’s quite a turbulent time right now. Financial crisis, companies going bankrupt, new media solutions going trough the roof… where does it end? I’m not sure. Still I think new media is that cost-effective solution that companies need right now.

It generates exposure to new possible clients and brings your company, products and services in the livingroom of people. And to make it even better: it doesn’t cost any paper and it’s interactive.

Yes New Media is the solution to a lot of problems AND a new way to improve old fashioned solutions. So what does this all have to do with me?

Well basically I’m done with my course: Interactive Media at the hogeschool van Amsterdam. And I will step into this world at this difficult time. Is that bad? No I think during these times it’s people like me who will be the solution for a lot of companies.

So final note on this whole piece… Contact me, hire me.


3D models.

The 3D section is updated with 2 new models of mine. The Logun S-16xs air rifle and the Rohm Twinmaster match pistol.
Both air-weapons that are made for sports shooting. I’m currently working on some other 3D still renders as well.. really getting the feel again!


Canon 50mm 1.4 USM.

As the title already indicates, I got a new lens. And it’s a beauty! The Canon 50mm 1.4 lens. Why is this one so special? The 24-105 covers a wide range and 50mm is in that range… Well the aperture is really nice.

The lower the aperture number, the more extreme the Depth of field (DOF) effect is. What is in focus will always be sharp, but what’s out of focus will be blurry. The lower the aperture number, the blurrier out of focus objects are.

Anyway… Back to the actual photo’s. Here are some test shots I made with this lens:

Picture of my desk… kind of messy, 2 camera’s, phone and coffee.

A car in our street. I edited the numberplate for privacyreasons. It looks quite miniature I’d say..

Small shed in the garden…

Don’t eat them! :P

Painted this one myself…

Attempt at product-photography..

The cat singing.

How cute… Yes it’s real btw.

Water tower in Ijmuiden.

The harbour in Ijmuiden, I ate fish with my girl somewhere there…

And at the beach.

That’s it for now! Bye-bye, and leave a comment!


Okay video’s seem to work so I posted some old stuff in the 3D and Film sections. Updating this website is fun, it works great. I’m currently concentrating on some new video work, some more 3D work and to add my CV to the website, which I yet have to make. Oh well..


P.s. AND give my girlfriend the attention she deserves, also takes time haha!